The Peter Auriol Homepage is an attempt to catalogue and disseminate information about recent and ongoing work dealing with the French Franciscan Peter Auriol (Aureol, Auriole, Pierre d’Auriole, Petrus Aureoli). Hopefully this will encourage exchange among scholars interested in Auriol.

The Peter Auriol Homepage includes an Auriol bibliography as well as preliminary editions and translations of texts by Auriol.

The Peter Auriol Homepage is maintained by Russell L. Friedman (Institute of Philosophy, Catholic University of Leuven) and, since the present version 2.0, by Florian W├Âller (Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen), with the financial assistance of the Research Council of the Catholic University of Leuven. If you are working on any aspect of Peter Auriol’s philosophy or theology, please send us a description of your project. We will then make the information generally available at this website.

For recent updates to the Peter Auriol Homepage see our Auriol News.