The Auriol Editing Project

An international group of scholars (including William O. Duba, Russell L. Friedman, Lauge O. Nielsen, Chris Schabel, and Katherine H. Tachau) intend to produce a critical edition of Auriol’s scholastic works. The Auriol editing project will eventually provide editions of the various versions of Auriol’s Sentences commentaries (i.e. the Scriptum, and the reportationes in I, II, III, and IV Sent.) as well as his Quodlibet.

Several fruits of the editing project have already appeared:

  • C. Schabel, “Peter Aureol on Divine Foreknowledge and Future Contingents: Scriptum in Primum Sententiarum, distinctions 38-39”, Cahiers de l’Institut du Moyen Âge Grec et Latin 65 (1995), pp. 63-212.
  • idem, “Place, Space, and the Physics of Grace in Auriol’s Sentences Commentary”, Vivarium 38 (2000), pp.117-61. which contains (pp. 143-54) an edition of Auriol’s II Sent., d. 2, part 3, q. 1 along with ms. studies for this text and that of Scriptum, d. 17 (pp. 155-59).
  • R.L. Friedman, “In principio erat Verbum: The Incorporation of Philosophical Psychology into Trinitarian Theology, 1250-1325″, Ph.D. dissertation, University of Iowa (1997), which contains preliminary editions of Scriptum, d. 9 part 1, and d. 27 along with manuscript study.

And most recently, the endeavor at this site to make an entire Electronic Scriptum available.

For more information on the Auriol Editing Project, see: K.H. Tachau, “The Preparation of a Critical Edition of Pierre Auriol’s Sentences Lectures” and L.O. Nielsen, “The Critical Edition of Peter Aureoli’s Scholastic Works”, both in Alvaro Cacciotti and Barbara Faes de Mottoni (eds.), Editori di Quaracchi 100 anni dopo. Bilancio e prospettive (Rome, 1997), and the literature referred to there.

A separate editing project is that of Martin Bauer (Stuttgart), who is preparing an edition of Auriol’s only work of pure philosophy, his early Tractatus de principiis.