A large part of the Bibliography presented here was compiled in electronic form by William Duba using the files of the Section Latine (Centre Felix-Grat) of the Institut de Recherches et d’Histoire des Textes in Paris; Russ Friedman has since updated the list and reworked it into the present electronic version. Thanks go to Chris Schabel and Vasilis Syros for help with bibliographic references, and acknowledgement must be made to the excellent Bibliographie annuelle du moyen age tardiff published by the Section Latine of the Institut de Recherches et d’Histoire des Textes: it has definitely made easier the job of those interested in later medieval philosophy.

This Bibliography is work in progress; if you know of a study that you think should be here, but isn’t, please send a complete reference to Florian Wöller, and I will update accordingly. In addition, I’d be happy if any inaccuracies or outright mistakes were reported so I could correct them. Note that the phrase ‘Auriol Studies’ is meant to be broadly construed: I’d like to include here any article or book that deals in a substantial way with Auriol (if possible with reference to pages or sections of particular relevance to those interested in Auriol).

The Bibliography is divided into a section dealing with Primary Texts and a section dealing with Secondary Literature. Comments to the bibliographic entries are announced by a bullett (•).