Auriol News (October 28, 2015)

Electronic Scriptum: distinctions 21, 36/1, 36/2, and 37

Auriol News (October 20, 2015)

Biblio: Adriaenssen 2013 and 2014, Brînzei/Friedman/Schabel 2014, D’Ettore 2013, Friedman 2015, Gumerlock 2009, Lička 2014, Thakkar 2010, Wöller 2015.
Current Research updated.
Primary texts updated.
• Links to the editions Rome 1596 and 1605 now point to the Staatsbibliothek in Munich that offers high quality scans.
• Frank Gumerlock’s translation of portions of Auriol’s commentary on the Apocalypse (Rev 6-8) available for download.

Auriol News (March 30, 2015)

Biblio: Bolyard 2015, Hoffmann 2015

Auriol News (September 24, 2014)

Here are some updates after a long break:

  • Electronic Scriptum: distinctions 22 and 48
  • Biblio: Aertsen 2012, Duba 2012a and 2012b, Friedman 2013, Hoffmann 2012, Jeschke 2011, Nielsen 2011, Porro 2011, Schabel 2011 and 2012, Wöller 2012
  • Research section updated

Auriol News (December 18, 2011)

Biblio: Brown 2009, Courtenay 2009, Pasnau 2011, Wöller 2011

Current Research: Domenic D’Ettore

Auriol News (September 27, 2010)

Links: Jean-Luc Solère’s site, Robert Pasnau’s “Provisionalia”, The Wodeham Homepage.

Biblio: Biard 2007, Davenport 2009, Duba 2009, Friedman 2010, Grassi 2005, Kobusch 2009, Marschler 2009, Pasnau 2008, Renemann 2010, Wood 1987.

Current Research: Tiziana Suarez-Nani (Fribourg, CH)

Auriol News (July 27, 2010)

Just a quick update to add William Duba’s edition of Auriol’s rhetorical text, the Exornaciones verborum.

Auriol News (July 25, 2009)

Links: Henry of Ghent Homepage; Scotus Bibliography; Durandus Editing Project.

Auriol News (July 20, 2009)

Welcome to the new site of a partially revamped and totally updated Auriol Homepage! I’m again working to keep the Auriol Homepage up-to-date, with the most recent bibliography, projects in progress, and more text from and observations on Auriol’s works.

As of June 1, 2003, I’ve been recording in brief all updates to this site in an UPDATES file. So, please check that out first.

We’re making progress: check out The Electronic Scriptum. We’ve put out on the web PDF files with text from Auriol’s Scriptum established on the basis of a collation of the early printed edition with the manuscript Vat. Borgh. lat. 329, thereby correcting many of the early printed edition’s numerous errors. We hope to put further texts out as time allows, ultimately providing a complete electronic Scriptum. The decision to make a cleaner text of Auriol’s Scriptum stems ultimately from the needs of the ongoing project to edit Auriol’s Sentences commentaries and Quodlibet, but as a side-benefit, we hope that the text will be of service to other scholars interested in Auriol.

Stay tuned: more texts are nearing completion.

Auriol News (December 20, 2004)

Links: The Peter of Candia Homepage

Editions and Translations on the Web: added to The Electronic Scriptum in PDF: d. 5; dd. 14-16; d. 26; d. 28.